"Find the best in everyone"

Imagine a life where everyone you meet could only see the best in you? What if everybody in every single encounter believed in us, spoke life and encouragement?  What could you do in this life?

Join me in finding the best in everyone and let's win at life together!

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We Empower Powerful Agents



We have the systems, tools, and business models that get results. Our team has sold 300+ homes in under 12 months.

Full support staff, marketing staff, and technology automation programmer working to leverage your time.


#BMPU is our online interactive training system where we have recorded everything it takes to be successful in real estate.

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My name is David Queen aka "SavageDQ". I started selling real estate in 2006 without having a clue how. I burned the boat and jumped straight in with both feet.  I failed over and over and over, flat on my face, saying the wrong things, spending money in the wrong areas, and following average real estate people.  Then one day I had an awakening moment, I heard someone say "Average creates Average". I made the decision right then to validate my resources and to only follow those who had the results I was after. I have now read over 100 books and I invest a large portion of my income into self-improvement and educational courses. I own a real estate team that sells 300+ homes per year, I co-founded "Savage Sales" to help other real estate professionals get the leads, systems, and business models needed to succeed and..... (more to come)

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