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Here are 3 simple things you can do to get buyers to become paying customers:

#1 Always know you can come to an agreement—No matter what the customer is saying I’m going to maintain that we can work this out. When there’s a will there’s a way. Let’s find a solution. You need to have a mindset that you can reach an agreement and that means removing all negativity. Confidence about coming to an agreement in the close regardless of what you are hearing is critical. Maintain that posture of, “we can make this work”.

#2 Always smile no matter the outcome or the objection—Learn how to pour on a smile not just when you are winning but also when you are losing. It’s not just about having an internal positive attitude—it has to manifest itself physically. Get comfortable smiling. I used to know a guy who did smile but it was never genuine. You can tell when someone is really smiling and when they are faking it. Real smiles melt resistance more than any words can. It’s easy to smile when you are getting your way. Can you smile when you are being challenged?

#3 Always maintain a positive demeanor—I’ve had people who I’ve worked with who told me that a deal was impossible. Maintain a positive, professional, can-do, no problem attitude throughout the negotiations. You can’t always control what is happening around you but you can control how you respond to what is happening to you. When you are negotiating and closing it is critical you control your head regardless of the customer’s attitude and how they’re acting. If the buyer is negative and you become negative it will get ugly. One of you has to be positive. That’s got to be you. It makes you more attractive. Negativity always surrenders to the positive.

Selling requires you to treat everyone like buyers. Maintain positive traits—inwardly and outwardly—and know you can always come to an agreement. If you put into practice these things you will be far ahead of most salespeople.

Source: Grant Cardone




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