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25 Life Tips (part 2)

Here are tips 13-25 of the 25 Life Tips I have compiled:

(View tips 1-12 here: PART 1)


13. Come from contribution in all things. Add value to other peoples live's. Be on purpose with who you bring value to and how many you bring value to each day. 14. Plan your day in the morning & review your day in the evening. Measure your day on your daily activities and not emotions, feelings or even results. Track if the day was a "win" or a "loss". I personally will write a "D" for "Die" or a "G" for "Grow" on my calendar based on the activities that I took action on each day. 15. Your most valuable time is in the morning. Make sure you operate at a peak performance during this time. Be very intentional. Cut out all the noise, all the distractions and get very laser focused. 16. Commit to making everything you touch better than you found it. 17. Find the best in everyone. And tell them. Don't wait for a reason, tell them now. 18. Write your goals daily, multiple times. Write them in the morning and each time during the day that you have a setback or negative thought. 19. Develop a morning routine for success. Be very consistent with this routine for a long period of time. 20. Every single time you feel like not doing something add a +1. Do 1 more thing to level it up and make it better. Make this a habit in all areas. 21. Leave your ego at the door every morning. Drop all entitlement. 22. Accept responsibility for everything in your life. 23. Take massive initiative. Taking initiative is the power or opportunity to act or take charge before others do.

24. Create outstanding value. Make everything you do in life a win-win or no deal.

25. Be grateful. Write down the things you are grateful for every morning.



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