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The post I made that ended friendships

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2 months ago I posted on social media about "Working Harder". I believe that we become the average of the people we surround ourselves with. I decided to start voicing my opinion and to also attract the people who believe what I believe. Surprisingly, some of my closest friends dropped immediately. This post was not directed at anyone other than my own life and it brought to light how these long term friends truly feel about me changing and getting to the next level of my life and/or how they truly feel about themselves staying the same. It was very uncomfortable and it has put me in a corner where I had to make a decision.

  1. Do I apologize for my posts, my actions, what I truly believe and for what I am working towards?

  1. Do I stand tall for what I believe in? Do I share what I have learned during the past several years of immersing myself into self improvement, leadership, business growth and relationships?

I decided that no one else deserves to take my power, to control my life and that I am taking control for who I am becoming. I am not allowing the world to decide who I am, I am not in pursuit to find myself. I made the choice of who I want to be and I am making it happen. I will never again allow another person's opinion to change how I live my life or allow another person's own faults, insecurities, & failures to bring me down or be spoken into my life. I chose #2.

The original post is below. Or you can view it on Instagram HERE

If you want something. #workharder Drop the entitlement mentality. Be willing to be vulnerable. Pride kills dreams and in my opinion kills lives. If you expect things to be handed to you or if you believe that you are a "prize to be won" then we probably won't get along. I like down to earth people who strive to bring value to others lives consistently. Day in. Day out. I hate meaningless conversations. I respect my time and I have huge goals and huge responsibilities. I don't have time for meaningless conversations or people who don't want to work hard or feel entitled. I love being surrounded around the friends and business partners that I currently have because the culture of hard work, and the atmosphere of lead generation and creating our future is strong. Being around us gives you 3 options:

  1. Adapt

  2. Raise our standards

  3. Leave looking for the easy route

One last thing.... #hardwork and #relentless #standards never include deliberately sabotaging and/or gossiping about others. FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: WWW.INSTAGRAM.COM/SAVAGEDQ #savagedq



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