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Marketing does not = Results

A disciplined salesperson with consistent marketing and spaced repetition over time = MASSIVE RESULTS

Marketing does not always equal spending money and waiting. The most impactful type of marketing is your energy towards lead generation activities.

I have compiled a list of the activities that lead my team to produce over 50 million in sales per year and over 300 homes per year. These activities executed on consistently and aggressively during every day, week, month and throughout the year will guarantee results.

However! YOU must commit to executing on this list with relentlessness. In order to see good results, you MUST take action on this list every day—not just when you need the business.

Remember that all marketing takes time to gain traction and see results. While this technique ensures a steady stream of new business contacts in the future, it isn’t guaranteed to reap immediate results. The promotion you conduct today sets in motion a selling cycle that will result in new business when you need it six months into the future.

Success takes massive commitment and lead generation must be on your calendar.





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