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We are all very fortunate whether we realize it or not. There are so many different books, podcasts, websites and programs available to us at our fingertips. We literally have the information and the answers available to us for almost anything that we want to learn.

Growing up I hated reading. I hated school. I did the minimum to get by and to pass. The things I was learning in school did not make sense to me how I would apply them into my life to build my future. I found a few things that I got passionate about when I fist learned about computers. I learned to type, then took a programming basics class, then took a business class, then on to learn computer software programs and found a niche in graphic design. But I still didn't want to read anything. In fact, I used to rent the movie of the book we had to read in class. Or I would have one of my close friends read the book and tell me all about it so that I can take notes and talk about the book as if I had read it. - Not good.

Then after I got out of school I realized that some people live an extraordinary life and some don't. I found an obsession with this. Not in my career or what I wanted to do for money, or things that I wanted but I found this deep burning obsession with "my life". I wanted to live an extraordinary life. I started dreaming big and asking everyone lots of questions. I talked about owning apartment buildings and flipping houses and creating businesses, traveling and doing what I wanted, when I wanted, how I wanted. I had no idea how all of this was going to happen but I knew I had a burning obsession to create it.

It seemed as if everyone I asked had no drive, no input, and no answers for me. It was frustrating. I wanted to meet the person who had done it all so they could just tell me exactly what to do and hand success over to me. I wanted the easy way, the lazy way, the average way. But I didn't realize that I was asking for and expecting answers from people who had not done what I wanted to do. I started spending hours upon hours at night researching online, reading blogs, articles and watching videos on success and business. And then one night it hit me. I read a blog that said, "my life changed when I stopped listening to my friends and the people around me and I started listening to the people who have done what I want to do. The people who have the life that I want to create". This same blog recommended that I read books on self improvement (I had no idea what that even meant) and books on success and business.

I hated reading, this was not the answer I was looking for but I knew that I would have to do the uncomfortable things in order to create this "life" I was looking for. So I went to the local bookstore after work the next day, and I stared at the "business" & "self improvement" section for over an hour. I grabbed books and read the intro and the back cover to see what they were about. Minutes later I had a stack of books, like 10 books in my hands that I was very excited about. I was so pumped to read these and become successful. But I was broke. I couldn't afford to buy these books and pay my bills. I was the 21 year old kid who always spent his money, I had financed 2 lifted trucks that I didn't need, my wife had a Yukon Denali and we bought a house and jet ski's. None of them were brand new, in fact the jet ski's used to break down in the middle of the lake every trip...SMH. My point is that I was spread thin, I didn't have the extra money to invest into myself because I spent it all on "things" that did not serve me and my growth in life. I was frustrated and new if I bought them it would mean things would get tighter. I remember in that moment I had to make the decision to put the books down and walk out or swallow my pride and sit on the floor reading as much as I could in the time I had at the store. Two hours later I got up off the floor and I put the books back in a place that I could find them the next day so I could continue reading them. I went back to the book store multiple times over the next few weeks reading these books until I had the extra cash to buy them, and I did. I was reading books on self improvement, money, business, success and developing a mindset for growth. I have kept this habit of reading and learning since then. I know that things I read in those first books created a foundation on who I am today and without them much of the successes that I have experienced would not have happened if I didn't not start reading.

Today, I have read many books, listened to many audios, gone to multiple self improvement seminars, programs, training's, courses and best of all I have had hands on experiences including wins and failures/lessons that pushed to try again and keep growing. I have put together a list of 6 books that I have read each at least 2 times. These are books that I can directly relate to successes in my life. These books have helped me develop who I am today and have had a huge impact on my life. Download the list of these 6 recommended books today and use discount code DQ6BOOKS to download your copy for free. Go out and buy them, read or listen to them and let me know if they have as much of an impact on your life as they did mine.





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