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Results Vs Opinions

In my life I have noticed that most of the people who have done nothing, who talk about other peoples lives instead of creating one of their own, have an opinion for everything. And most of the time they are very confident and willing to fight for their opinion even if they have no results backing it or have no real knowledge on the topic.

The craziest thing about these "opinionators" (new word) is that they convince so many other people to listen to them. I believe that these people are destroying the lives of others by giving advice on topics and leading people astray and down a path of destruction.

Stop listening to people that have not reached the success level you are trying to reach personally and/or professionally. Your advice and direction should come from people that have proven that their methods work. Results speak for themselves. The people I have learned the most from have never been the people who wanted to shove their opinions down my throat, I have learned the most from people who I had to track down and study in order to model what they do. And at times even pay for their advice or time.

The thing about opinions is that they are much like an asshole. Everyone has one and most of them stink. Next time you follow someone, take advice from them, or find yourself modeling after their life, make sure that you would be willing to trade places with them. Because I can promise you this, the people who you spend your time with, the people you take advice from, the people that you model after will be who you become within a 25% range. Financially, professionally, personally, characteristics, beliefs and even they way you look and dress will be a direct reflection from the people who you spend the most time with.

There are resources everywhere. We live in a world where information and opinions are everywhere. Verify your resources and make sure that you you model people who have the same values, and who have the results that you want in life. No one watches "My 300 pound life" TV show to learn how to exercise so stop listening to people that give you opinions when they have not reached the level of success that you want.

People committed to success want other people to be successful. People committed to the status quo want to be surrounded by the status quo. If you don’t have the kinds of people around you that you want, go get them. One way to find the right people is to continue investing in yourself. Plug in, provide value to others lives, take people to lunch, do business with more people, practice with more people, teach something you are good at, go to events and meet people, use social media, actually use social media. Meet new people!




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