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Be Unstoppable

You can be good. You can be great. Or you can be unstoppable. Very few make the decision to be unstoppable with no option to go back and have extreme commitment to live a better life. A life of growth and prosperity. These are the elite of the great. These people are unpredictable, they force others to respond and compete with them. Others watch them and do as they do. They are miles ahead of the competition with what they are working on and picturing in their minds.

Here are some traits to be unstoppable:

  1. Keep out of your head The moment you start thinking, you've already lost. Oprah says, "Every right decision I have ever made has come from my gut. Every wrong decision I've made was the result of me not listening to the greater voice of myself."

  2. Obsessed with mastery Practice and practice more. Always be working on mastering your craft. When others are relaxing and feel that they made it, practice the basics and put them in to action.

  3. Do it for you Don't tie your ultimate reason for success or even for existence to money, things, or another person. Do it for you. Build you. Define who you are from deep inside and tie that to how you will use it to impact others, fund your life and live with love.

  4. Never get complacent Crush your goals and immediately create a new target. Celebrate and be grateful for what you have done yet never be satisfied. As Jim Rohn says, "The way to enjoy life best is to wrap up one goal and start right on the next one. Don't linger too long at the table of success; the only way to enjoy another meal is to get hungry."

  5. Have complete control Control your time, your activities, your mind, your workout, your focus, your energy, who you spend time with, what you think about and only focus on the things that are in your control, not out of your control. Many people rely on a substance and become dependent on something else to control how they feel or act.

  6. Embrace failure and take risk Most people stay close to the ground because if they fall it doesn't hurt when they hit the ground. This is the safe zone aka dead zone. Unstoppable people fly high and risk that chance that if they all it might kill them and they embrace it and use it to fuel them to go higher.

  7. Learn Daily The average person seeks entertainment and lives for the weekend. The unstoppable elite seek ways to improve, learn, develop, and create new things. When you are through learning, you are through.

  8. Be real No putting blame on others, or feeling like a victim. No illusions, just the truth. When you screw up and when you are winning always see it as it is.

  9. Have vision Know where you are going. Have the ability to see it better than it is now and develop a plan to get there.

  10. Self improvement Always working on mental strength and developing who you are from the core. Know that you will have set backs, you will have hard times and you need to be the best version of yourself so that when they do come you can take the hit like a champ and stay standing tall.

  11. Know your circle The unstoppable pay very close to the people who they surround themselves with. They spend their time with people who remind them of the future, not the past. People who talk about creating not destroying. People who see the best in them and others. People who speak life.

  12. Have clarity Write down exactly where you are going. Have clear goals, and talk about them with your peers. Be very specific and have deadlines for everything you do. Check on the progress as you move towards it and remind your self why you started.

  13. Simple and responsive Complexity is the enemy of execution. Keep things simple and respond immediately rather than over analyzing and thinking things over time.

  14. Set goal on potential The average sets goals on what they currently know is possible. What they know how to do and where to go in order to get it. The unstoppable do things differently. They set goals on their potential. On what they truly want and are willing to make happen by learning, taking the shot, and are in it for the long game.

  15. Take initiative now Start working on getting attention before your intention is ready. Let others know what you are about and what you are doing. Create a following for the cause and make it happen even if it feel uncomfortable and new.

  16. Be happy Be excited and happy for you. Be excited and happy for others. Celebrate other peoples wins and truly love when others are winning, even if you are not yet winning yourself.






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