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Are you always looking for opportunity?

Do you find yourself always wondering if there is something better? Are you always thinking that this can't be all there is?

In my experience, whenever I was feeling this way it was because I wasn't living to my fullest potential and/or creating outstanding value. I wasn't plugging in and pushing to grow from where I was currently at.

I truly believe that we create our own opportunities. It doesn't just fall in our laps. Opportunity sits in the hands of the creator. If you are reading this and feeling like things could be better somewhere else or wondering if this is the best life has to offer.

I challenge you to take the self audit below and be truthful with yourself.

Answer these questions:

  1. How am I showing up? Am I showing up with 100% intention?

  2. Am I putting 100% effort in?

  3. Do I bring positive energy daily to those around me?

  4. Am I involved?

  5. Do I share and/or teach?

  6. Am I maximizing my resources?

  7. Am I maximizing my human potential?

  8. Am I taking massive action by implementing the skills I have learned to grow?

  9. Do I have other things in my life that have an outside negative influence?

  10. Am I removing myself from gossip?

Each YES is worth 10 points. Each NO is worth -5 points. What did you score? If you scored less than 90 points I recommend you take responsibility and focus on these areas. It will change your life and create opportunity. If you scored 90+ points and feel the same I recommend you take this test again. And if you still feel the same, find different people to be around. And continue taking this test.



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